New Harbinger Publications The Anorexia Workbook

Statistics suggests that as many as 2.5 percent of American women suffer from anorexia; of these, further research indicates one in ten of will die disorder. This is only book available addresses particular needs o


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Oxford University Press Valuing Health

In Valuing Health Daniel M. Hausman provides a philosophically sophisticated overview of generic health measurement that suggests improvements in standard methods proposes a radical alternative. He shows to avoid relying on survey


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Springer Entrepreneurship and Culture

The book is an innovative compilation of papers that explore the relationship between cultural features and entrepreneurship. relative stability of differences in entrepreneurial activity across countries suggests other than economic fact


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Routledge Psyche's Veil

Historically, the language and concepts within clinical theory have been steeped in linear assumptions reductionist thinking. Because essence of psychotherapy involves change, Psyche's Veil suggests that practice is inher


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Springer Gratitude and the Good Life

This book provides clear and sometimes surprising answers to why gratitude is important to living well. The science of has shown much growth in the last ten years, there is now sufficient evidence to suggest that is one of


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Routledge Museum Educator's Handbook

This title was first published in 2000. A comprehensive and holistic guide to resourcing running a museum education service. The author suggests how to set up a takes the reader through bureaucratic logistical problems that may


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Routledge Young People in the Labour Market

Levels of suffering among young people have always been much higher than governments suggest. Indeed, policies aimed at workers often framed in that help secure conformity to a new employment landscape in which traditional


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Rowman & Littlefield International Punks, Monks and Politics

Authenticity is much sought after; being described as inauthentic is an insult or an embarrassment. Being suggests that a given behaviour or performance is reflective of a 'trueness' or 'genuineness' to one's identity. From a social scie


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Springer Unconventional Conflict

This book describes issues in modeling unconventional conflict and suggests a new way to do the modeling. It presents an ontology that domain, which allows for greater ease in


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Springer The Teenage World

A Cross National Study of Adolescent Self Image Adolescence is not, as has been previously assumed, a developmental stage that was defined after the industrial revolution. There is substan tial historical evidence to suggest adolescence and


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